Members' Stories

1-2-5 Climb! - Middagberg

It was an exciting prospect - to bag a reasonably challenging peak in celebration of MCSA's 125th year. The party of 12 set off at 8:00 from Olive Glen Farm, a few kilometres from Du Toit's Kloof Pass. It was a glorious morning - just a slight breeze and reasonably cool. After 450m we had tea at Leopard Rock just beyond the saddle, with new views to enjoy. Sadly, the leopard had not been there for some time - its markings on the tree were very old. As a surprise though, Bruce knew exactly where to find the showy, flowering serruria rosea, restricted to the Western Cape and this area, hidden in the surrounding fynbos about 100m from the rock. And then we began the ascent of Middagberg, following a motorbike trail - no less! - for some way up before bushwacking became necessary. The reward was worthwhile, because after a short distance along a new plateau we arrived at a view of the beautiful waterfall on the Wildepaardejags River. Apparently, the river is rather delightfully named for the sound its rolling stones make when the river is full, resembling the hooves of wild horses! It was a perfect spot for lunch, sunny but cool, overlooking the kloof, the waterfall and the distant mountains. After lunch, we retraced our steps a short distance and then started the next off-path section to the top of Middagberg itself. We proudly displayed our MCSA 125 year buff from the summit, with Table Mountain in the distance. And then it was time for the return via a different off-path route to rejoin the paths lower down. Once back at the Powrie's River House we celebrated this special day during which we contributed to the Magaliesberg initiative to bag 125 peaks in this time, with refreshments.

The 12 hikers who participated in this hike: Bruce and Avril Powrie (farm owners), Suzanne Smith (leader), Heleen du Toit, Stephen Craven, Jean Stephenson, Thordis Sixt, Jeffrey Barton, Lindsay Hooper, Dina Segal, Suzanne Strewn and Shannon van Breda.