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Remaining Richard Watmough books on tender


"The remaining books of Richard Watmough that had been on tender in 2014/15 will go on tender again soon. For the newer members who was not privileged to know Richard, some background:

 Richard Watmough was an entomologist and a well-known, eccentric, but interesting and very knowledgeable member of the Magaliesberg Section for many years. He bequeathed his collection of rare and valuable books to the Magaliesberg Section, as well as the rest of his estate - that enabled us inter alia to buy Wilgepoort and start the Watmough Conservation fund research projects for the Magaliesberg like the Weeding booklet and the pocket book on Trees of the Magaliesberg that Reuben is working on. 

These books deal with mainly trees, shrubs, flowers, birds, other animals and insects (including moths and butterflies). Follow the link below to see a list of the books that are available. Some of these books are very valuable, some are Africana and some have been out of print for a long time.

The books may be viewed at club evenings or by prior e-mail arrangement with Otti Neser (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). 

The books will be on tender for two months, starting on Mon 3 April and ending on Sat 3 June 2017. Tenders should be for individual books or sets, and the listed price is a guide only. MAG members will have 10% added to their tender price, giving them in effect a discount ;-).

Persons whose tenders have been successful will be informed by email.

Payment should be into the MAG MCSA bank account (details will be given at that stage) and proof of payment must be sent within 2 weeks after receiving notice of a successful tender.

The Club will not be able to mail the books; people would have to collect the books themselves at club evenings every second Tuesday at the MAG club house or arrange for someone to collect the books on their behalf. "

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