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MSP new access arrangements

MSP access rules have changed again. Read the new access Rules for MCSA Memebers carefully.

Grootkloof Access Change
The access to Grootkloof from Sparkling Waters Hotel has been disrupted by the developments at the hotel. Parking is not possible on the hotel grounds anymore - it is now best to park at Bartletts and walk in form the north.

Remember to get the gate code from Admin.
The MCSA has put up a gate on the path from the hotel on the MCSA boundary, where the old board was [see pic in weeding note]. There are two number locks on the gate. If you really need to go in on that side [ie as for the coming weeding trip] get the lock codes from Admin beforehand. A final new board will be fitted soon.

Castle Gorge/Tonquani/Wilgepoort/Grootkloof
If you want to visit these kloofs check first if the codes have not changed.


Click here for MCSA Mountain Sanctuary Park Access Rules

Click here for Permit holder Sanctuary Park Access Rules